Depleted and Heartbroken? How you can bounce back


Jennifer Robson
12 October 2017

Through every breakup, we are left depleted, heartbroken, and undergoing several stages of loss. We often feel shame, disbelief, unworthiness, and other trauma can resurface. 
You can heal after a breakup.
You can regain your confidence
You can gain balance and clarity in your life
Romantic relationships give us the highest high’s and the lowest lows.  We experience great joys and hope for the future but when they fail we experience a sense of loss beyond words. This leads to emotional and physical issues including stress, anxiety and grief.


Breakups don’t take time into consideration as to how much the pain will be endured.  You will need to work through your loss. 
There are several stages of loss, at first, you may find yourself in denial, unable to believe this has actually happened to you.  Don’t allow denial to isolate you from the world.  You need to acknowledge the change and start to look inside yourself at your hopes and wishes for the future.

Next, you might feel anger.  Anger at him and anger at yourself. 

We question everything in the relationship. We get angry for not taking action sooner. Anger can be explosive. It even escalates and magnifies with guilt and shame. This can make you feel vulnerable, so surround yourself with friends and loved ones.
The next stage is often bargaining trying to rekindle the relationship. Don’t neglect yourself, be honest about your hurt and respect your boundaries. Don’t rekindle a relationship at the expense of your own sense of self-worth as it simply won't last. At this point you can sink into depression, worrying about what others think and feel and neglecting ourselves. Use the “learning from” and “healing from” workbooks to work through your loss and celebrate who you are. 
Acceptance is a deep breath of hope. Coping with any loss is a personal experience. Acceptance is finally acknowledging the loss. And, it’s in this stage that you can let go of all resentments, regrets, and start healing.

The first thing we deprive when we are sad is our health. We stop exercising, eating right and doing the things we enjoy. You don’t have to return to normal habits immediately, but the faster you begin to care for your physical body, the easier it is for your emotional body to also heal.

4 tips for healing quickly: 
  1. Be in nature.
  2. Eat better.
  3. Join a gym or support groups.
  4. Have a makeover.

You can’t focus on feeling sorry for yourself when you are seeing others who need so much more. Giving time to a charity raises your self-esteem and you begin to feel good about yourself. 

As you begin to heal from the trauma of the breakup, it’s just as important to go out again. Go out with friends. Start going out to movies, dinner, or other social gatherings. Research groups that you could join, to do something fun and meet new people. 
Breakups are tough and it takes time to heal but it is possible to learn from them and create an even better life for yourself.  It just takes time.  

  • You can heal after a breakup.
  • You can regain your confidence
  • You can gain balance and clarity in your life

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