Dance in the Rain


Sladana Mitrovic
10 December 2015

As highly evolved beings we tend to walk the perfectionist tightrope waiting for our current problem to pass before we imagine our “real life” will begin.
We go from one challenging event to another waiting it out and believing that once this problem ends our life will be perfect.
And my favourite misguided singles motto and one that was my own personal favourite is “when I meet someone in my life will be complete”.
The issue here is that we are wasting precious time waiting but we also missing all the good that we already have.
If you really look you’ll see all the good stuff right before your eyes.
You woke up this morning to live another day, you’ll breath fresh air all day long and your heart will beat over 80,000 times today without any input from you.
And yet we still concentrate on the few things that we perceive as imperfect. They cast a shadow over our whole life which causes our displeasure and even depression.
This is your life NOW. There is no other life waiting for you - there is no magical life that exists outside of your problems.
In reality, these problems, issues or obstacles are not what they appear.
Instead; they are the means by which we become better and better versions of ourselves.
Our challenges are the reason we become softer, more understanding, more accepting and more loving.
They play such a huge role in expanding our life and they allow us to chisel out the finest most refined version of ourselves.
So instead of waiting our challenges out, try to honour them for what they are – a sophisticated system for self-improvement and refinement.
Search your current beliefs; are they serving you?
What are you waiting to pass right now before you think you’ll be happy?
Do you see how this doesn’t work, do you see the wasted weeks, months, years that pass you by while you wait for yet another unpleasable event to be over?
Don’t wait any longer. Let's appreciate those challenges we face and honour their place in our life.
Give them space in our heart and learn to dance in the rain because this is how we release them.
Allow space for them to and be happy despite their current negative presence in our life.
The complete irony of the situation is that when we totally accept our problems they somehow magically disappear.
Or maybe their weight no longer bothers us and we learn to live happily side-by-side with them.
Either way we’ll be living our full life now and isn’t that the whole point?
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