Constant Steady Stream of Wonderful Things


Jennifer Robson
29 June 2017

Every moment you have a choice: Peace or resistance.  When you are at peace, you attract positive energy and when you resist you create negative vibes that reflect back on your being.
The same energy affects your choices and in turn, this can impact upon your weight. 
Joining every crash diet, taking every diet pill on the market, joining every “fat club” and stopping after one week.  Is this really going to help you lose weight? Probably not.  Because you are attracting negative energy to yourself.  You are making choices that focus on your problem or negative thoughts rather than choices that promote your positive thoughts and well being. 

“If we want to attract health, wellness, and vitality to ourselves, we must stop circulating (and re-circulating) toxic, negative thoughts and feelings.”

The next step is to begin to trust ourselves around food. 
Learning to trust ourselves around food can be complex as we may have many psychological issues to solve that have come from a lifetime of learned fear, loathing, and shame that we have taught ourselves to associate with overeating.
We need to understand our fears and our dreams so that we can begin to discredit negative thoughts that point us off track. 
Then we need to think about our lifestyle. 
A weight loss plan only works if you stay with it. It’s much easier to lose weight when your diet and exercise regime fits your lifestyle and personality. And it's even more easy to stick with if it becomes intuitive. Most people believe that to lose weight they need to go on a diet.  A diet is simply what you eat, which means you're already on one. That diet either works for you so you achieve and maintain the weight you want, or it doesn't. 
If your current diet is not working for you it's time to think intuitively about why not. Do you recognise when you are full? Do you feel as if you're starving yourself and then binge? Are you drinking too much?
Sometimes we trip up by looking in the mirror and feeling depressed because we can’t yet see the physical change in our body. We feel saddened because we feel all of our dedication has achieved nothing.
This approach will never get you to where you need to go.
When you commit to being light, you also commit to living by a new wisdom. You commit to becoming a master of intuition and trust rather than a victim of scales and mirrors. You believe in your vision so much that it becomes a certainty in every single cell of your body, even if it hasn’t manifested in the physical yet.
The hunger meter is a practice in mindfulness that can help us to notice how our body is feeling and will remind us to pick up on our internal cues.

  1. You’re so hungry you’ll eat anything
  2. You can’t ignore your hunger and everything looks and sounds good to eat
  3. Your stomach is growling and you have hunger pangs
  4. You can feel you’re getting hungry and it's time to think about what to make
  5. You're neither hungry nor full
  6. Just right; you’re satisfied but could easily eat more
  7. Totally satisfied: hunger is gone and you will be full for hours
  8. Your full and don’t want anything else to eat
  9. You feel stuffed and uncomfortable
  10. You’re painfully full and even feel sick

By monitoring the signals between our body and mind we are able to make appropriate choices at the right time.  When we are able to make choices at the right time we are more likely to make choices that positively impact upon our well being and are less likely to lead to weight gain.  We can teach ourselves to recognise cues that enable us to use food for nourishment rather than misusing food for emotional comfort. 

So to constantly attract a steady stream of wonderful things to you follow these steps;
  1. Think Positive
  2. Trust yourself around food
  3. Think about your lifestyle
  4. Become a master of intuition

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