43 Blogs in 43 Days


Sladana Mitrovic
22 February 2019

Today is my 43rd birthday and for me this birthday is especially significant because it’s the first year I feel peaceful.

Outside influences, particularly negative ones have been healed or removed (for the most part because you can never truly be without negativity) and now I feel powerful.

I struggled for a very long time with the belief that I could have been further along in my life if I had focused more.

And while this might be true it is also a little too harsh (and negative) to put it that way.

Instead, I’m focusing on the more positive take on the above statement and saying I am gently driving myself forward by creating new goals to take me to the next step.

My first goal for the 43rd year is to create 43 blogs in 43 days.


I’m doing this because I want to challenge a part of myself I hold back.

I want to be more VULNERABLE.

All my life I have lived guarded, a guarded life equals a dull experience of the life I’d wanted to live instead.

Never fully immersing myself in the pool of possibilities, only just skimming the surface of safety.

I have noticed the moments of life where I have dropped my guard and allowed myself to be seen I have been met with genuine love, connection and understanding.

In that moment I realised I didn’t have anything to be afraid of, but once that moment pasts I’d just retreat back into safety once more.

I love Brené Brown, author and my guru in self-development, she says that vulnerability is the first thing we look for in another person when we want to build a connection but it’s the last thing we allow ourselves to display.

So here I am declaring to challenge myself to be more vulnerable to lay bare what I don’t ordinarily show.

I have experienced the soul nourishing, deeply moving and blissful experience of miracles in those moments of pure vulnerability and I want more.

Anger, misunderstanding and judgement cannot exist side-by-side with vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the antidote to negativity.

I don’t know what I’ll have to say in tomorrows blog but whatever it is I know it will be raw and real.

Sladana xx